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A quick hands-on with the BlackBerry Storm2

I was delighted to briefly sit down and have a look at the all-new BlackBerry Storm2 handset. Some people love the original Storm whilst others simply cannot stand it. I found myself straddling the two perspectives — I loved the huge screen real estate, but I just couldn’t get to grips with the keyboard. The […]

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U2 gets sponsored by BlackBerry

The tour U2 are soon to be embarking on is brought to you by those Canadian Smartphone manufactures Research In Motion – expect to see a U2 branded handsets any day now. U2’s 360 degree tour is backed by BlackBerry to promote their 12th album ‘No Line On The Horizon’, kicking off in Barcelona on […]

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BlackBerry sell 50 million handsets

In news we almost missed this week, Research In Motion came out with their figures from the last quarter with some other interesting stats that we thought we’d bring you. An email wandered past our already massively cluttered desk this week with a mammoth of Mobile World Congress invites. This was on the subject of […]

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It’s a dark day for Storms

The Wall Street Journal has just run a piece on the failings of the BlackBerry Storm and problems that plagued it soon after its launch in the States, some of which were clearly mirrored elsewhere in the world *cough* It’s an interesting read, which contains items that even our deft investigation did not uncover to […]

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RumourMill: Palm prē to be on Vodafone in the UK

In what appears to be another leak, Vodafone could be getting the latest handset from Palm with their very latest OS later on this year. Trumping all the other networks vying for the ultimate iPhone killer to be with them, bar O2 of course. The website MobileTopSoft ran a piece indicating news from ‘Vodafone officials’ […]

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RumourMill: BlackBerry touch screen Bold coming soon

A posting over at Gizmodo via the original source of a Tmonews forum item has a leaked image of the RIM roadmap, with a new Bold model on the horizon with a touch screen in a slider casing. There’s nothing much more to tell other than what the picture above shows, but still it’s an […]

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Just how bad is the Blackberry Storm?

Reader Hugh spotted this Storm review on the MoMo Forums and sent it to me: Volker Konietzko writes: “I have recently upgraded from Curve to Storm and the experience has been devastating so far, partly because of the immature firmware. As far as the clickable screen is concerned, I was expecting more (also in terms […]

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StormWatch: Unboxing the BlackBerry Storm

Our Storm arrived today to thunderous applause (sorry, bad bad pun) We thought we’d bring you the delights and treats of the unboxing ceremony, in an effort to share with you our pleasure or not as the case may be. Think of it as Christmas come early; the tree is lit, the cracking of the […]

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We’re on the Storm bus!

Today from 3-4pm we’re on the BlackBerry Storm bus! Yes, that’s right folks, the same bus we only snapped just yesterday wandering through the streets of London. This time around we’re getting for the full skinny, the complete low down, the full enchilada – everything you needed to know but were too afraid to ask […]

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Vodafone Storm launched today; hits shops on 14th

As we reported the other day, Vodafone’s Storm Blackberry is launched officially today in the UK. That means you can pre-order it, here. You can have one free on £35 a month for TWO YEARS (yikes) which includes 600 minutes and ‘unlimited’ texts. Here’s Ian Shepherd, Consumer Director of Vodafone UK talking about the device: […]

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