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Bromium’s Android remote code execution experiment: Pretty shocking

Have a read of this scenario from the labs at enterprise security specialist, Bromium: You walk into a coffee shop and take a seat. While waiting for your coffee, you take out your smartphone and start playing a game you downloaded the other day. Later, you go to work and check your email in the […]

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If you’re a regular international traveller, you need the Uros Goodspeed MiFi hotspot

For quite a while I have been searching for the ultimate MiFi device service. While I religiously use my EE 4G MiFi here in the UK, I’ve always had problems when I go abroad, whether it’s getting charged stupid rates or spending a silly amount of money buying local sims that don’t actually work. I […]


What powerline/homeplug adapters do you use for WiFi at home?

I’ve got another question for you, dear reader. Do you have problems with the WiFi in your place of residence? If so, do you use the powerline/homeplug adapters to serve you WiFi via your electricity connection? We seem to have an array of dampening fields all around our house so I’ve got three different WiFi networks […]

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Can you recommend a good IP/Web camera for monitoring an infirm pensioner?

I’ve got a challenge that’s been presented to me by a relative (I’m keeping this one as anonymous as possible). One of my relative’s parents is becoming increasingly infirm. The parent lives in elderly accommodation and they have one of those ‘red button’ alarm services installed, activated either by pulling a cord or by using […]

Services The marketing layer for guest WiFi

I just came across this service and thought it worthy of a post. If you know anyone who’s looking to deploy (or already has) Guest WiFi access they might want to leverage to capture some useful metrics and even boost awareness. Here’s the overview from their site: is a Marketing layer on top […]

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Opinion: Why the Connected Stadium is Coming Our Way

Today I’m delighted to feature an opinion piece from Simon Hills, Commercial Director at Sports Revolution. Simon and his colleagues have been working in the field of stadium connectivity and engagement for a long time. One of his company’s services, StadiumLive caught my attention recently and I asked Simon to tell us more about that along […]

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The 30 second Hotspot rule and why it’s sorely needed

I’d like to propose a new rule for hotspots. The rule is simple: If my phone identifies The Cloud or BT Openzone, I want it to check that I’m staying in that location for more than 30 seconds before attempting to login, fail to validate automatically and then leave me ‘connected’ without an internet connection.  […]

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My device of 2013: EE’s 4G Huawei MiFI hotspot

I’ve been meaning to get this one blogged for a little while. I was giving some thought over the Christmas period to my best device of 2013. (And I should point out: Although I’ve used the word ‘device’, I also mean the accompanying service.) EE’s 4G service has been nothing short of phenomenal. I’ve been […]

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How important is WiFi (or connectivity) in a retail environment?

I’ve a question for you about the importance of connectivity in the retail environment. I’d like to determine if I’m an absolutely ridiculous edge case, or whether you’re feeling it too. I set out a scenario last night whereby I made extensive use of Whatsapp to help my wife decide precisely what present she’d like […]

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Why Amazon is thinking beyond the operator

I was trying to buy a computer monitor the other day. I was standing at a train platform browsing Amazon via their dedicated app. I was prevented from hitting the ‘one click’ buy button because my 3G Vodafone service kept swapping into E, then into GPRS (that annoying little round circle on the iPhone) and […]


Free WiFi on the underground: Enough to keep you happy?

Yesterday Vodafone splashed in the Metro about their all new (well, sort of) wifi offering for customers using the London Underground system. If you’ve ever been caught wanting to send an email or look up somewhere on a map whilst on the platform, having access to the Internet is mighty convenient. I have tried the […]


WorldPay research shows mCommerce take up halted by lack of payment page optimisation

You can’t make this stuff up. Real life, eh? Over the past few days I’ve been critical of The Cloud and their payments provider, WorldPay, for making it exceptionally difficult (if not potentially impossible) for their users — well, me — to sign-up and pay for their WiFi service. I was just having a look […]