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I’m at Mobile World Congress today

Bring it on. I can’t wait. I’m getting on the plane in 8 hours. I am not going to print my badge. Instead I’m going to use the Mobile World Congress app along with my Photo ID to get my badge. Paperless entry, finally! And, in an MWC first for me, I’m going to actually […]

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With the Moto G, Google is executing Nokia’s strategy better than even Nokia themselves

Google is a dangerous company. Most companies specialize in one thing, make money doing that one thing, and then invest a certain percentage of that money being made into expanding the business. Google, on the other hand, specializes in advertising, and all the money that they make from those little blue links for cheap Canadian […]

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World Travel Market 2013′s Mobile Travel Panel: Follow-up!

Thank you to all the readers who came along to World Travel Market’s Mobile Travel Panel yesterday afternoon. If you recall the topic was, “Desktop is dead! Long live mobile travel!” Andrew Cocker, Chief Marketing Officer of Skyscanner gave a stimulating presentation for the first 25 minutes. He included a load of statistics and perspective, […]

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How to manage your BYOD project (by someone who’s done it and survived to tell the tale)

Hello it’s Ewan here. I’m delighted to present a series of posts by one of the Square Mile’s most accomplished mobile architecture hotshots, Julian Cooling. Julian has been a regular comment contributor over the years here at Mobile Industry Review and I finally met the chap in person at one of our 361 Degrees Live […]

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If I was in the Valley, I’d be going to the Homebrew Computer Club Reunion!

Good friend of Mobile Industry Review (and occasional contributor) Michael Selvidge is amongst the partners running this Kickstarter listing for what promises to be a thoroughly brilliant event. You’ve heard of the Homebrew Computer Club, right? Jobs, Wozniack and so on? They all got together there. The Personal Computer revolution all started there. Sort of. […]

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