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iPhone Firmware Updated To v1.1.4

Apple updated the iPhone firmware to v1.1.4 this morning via a new iTunes update. The iPhone SDK hasn’t been officially released yet, so we’re not quite sure exactly what this new update brings us, but stayed tuned, we’ll update you as soon as we know. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a play-by-play going on here. […]

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BeamMe.Info Allows Users A Quick Way To Get SMS Info

BeamMe.Info is a cool new service for web publishers that places a small link next to content, so that users can quickly and easily send the info to their handset via SMS. There is a ‘Beam Generator’ that will generate the code, which you merely paste into your website, wherever you want the function to […]

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Spinvox Launches Blackberry Plugin To Textify Voicemail

Spinvox, everyone’s favorite speech-to-text company, today launched the first device-based service in the form of a Blackberry plugin. For GBP 5.00/year (US$10), in addition to your standard Spinvox package, Blackberry users will receive their voicemail in the form of an email delivered to their inbox with the word ‘Spinvox’ appended to the subject line. From […]

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New York Times Allows Notes To Be ShifD To Your Mobile

The New York Times today launched a new service called ‘Shifd‘ that allows you to transfer notes, links, anything quickly and easily from your PC to your mobile and back again. Using Mowser, an internet mobilizing service created by Russell Beattie, Shifd has a simple UI and organization, with things split up into notes, links, […]

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Nokia Invests In Morpho Imaging Processing

Nokia Growth Partners, the venture capital department of the Finnish behemoth, has invested in Morpho, Inc., to the tune of 165 million Japanese Yen (~US$1.5 million). Morpho specializes in image processing software for mobile gadgets. PhotoSolid and MovieSolid, both from Morpho and designed to help with image and video stabilization, have grown to be well-respected […]

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Nokia Morph Takes Over Museum of Modern Art

The Nokia Research Center, together with the University of Cambridge, has created the Morph, a concept phone that allows users to physically stretch and reshape the device according to their usage. The Morph uses nanotechnology, in addition to flexible materials and transparent electronics to create something extremely customisable. It also features self-cleaning capabilities, to eliminate […]

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RIM Sees More Subscribers, Same Revenue

Research In Motion, the company that brings you the Blackberry (and lets the service go down periodically) recently upped its estimates for new subscriber growth for their fiscal quarter which ends on the first of March. The company raised its forecast by 15-20%, bringing the total forecast to around 2.1 million new subscribers. This strong […]

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Alltel Offers GPS Roaming

Honestly, this is one of the many reasons I’m on a GSM network in the United States. A big limitation of the U.S. CDMA carriers is the roaming issue. In many instances, while you may not be charged extra for roaming all the time, data services aren’t usually available when roaming. This is completely inconvenient, […]

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Motorola Brings In New CFO

Even while battling to save its mobile phones division, Motorola has brought in a new CFO, and oddly enough, CEO Greg Brown chose to look outside the company’s current ranks for the position. Paul Liska, who previously held the title of CFO at Sears, Roebuck, and Co, will step in on March 1 as the […]

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GiFi Offers 5Gb Short-Range Data Transfers

A team of 27 researchers and students at the Melbourne University recently unveiled their new GiFi chip, which they hope will be ready for market in 2009. The chip, which measures 5mm on either side, only uses 2 watts of power and sports a tiny 1mm antenna. Since this little chip is manufactured using CMOS […]

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Motorola Z8 Doesn’t Have A SIM Slot?

James Whatley, of Whatley on Wednesdays fame, shared this video with me over IM this morning, and I thought it was rather interesting. The video is of Justin, who apparently is one of the ‘newer’ recruits over at Mippin, which we’ve covered here before. Justin’s playing with a new Motorola Z8, and having a beast […]

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