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The lifeblood of innovation, in this section we profile applications and related services that come to our attention. If you’re a developer and you’d like your application featured — or, if you’ve just discovered a piece of electronic genius in the form of a must-have-application, email our editor, Ewan with details.


My Top 7 apps: Francis Miers of Automation Consultants

I’m back with another Top 7 apps post. Today we have Francis Miers who is the director of Automation Consultants. Automation Consultants is a UK-based company specialising in software testing and lifecycle automation. Its mission is to increase the speed and reduce the cost of IT projects. Let’s have a look at his list. – […]

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Apps For The Weekend - Featured Image

Apps for the weekend

It’s Friday at last, so let’s brief look at some of the best apps doing the rounds this month. So without further ado, here’s our top picks in no particular order… Letterboxd Finding a good movie to watch is often a fruitless task. The amount of hours I’ve wasted surfing iTunes and Netflix to find something decent to watch […]

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Sean Ritchie - Sable

My Top 7 apps: Sean Ritchie of the Sable Group

I am back with another Top 7 apps piece. This week we have Sean Ritchie from Sable. Sable is a UK-based financial services company with offices in South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong. With a strong focus on helping people develop and grow their international presence through a wide range of wealth, currency, business and […]

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Stuart Grey

My Top 7 apps: Stuart Grey of Shinobicontrols

I’m back with another Top 7 apps list. This week we have Stu Grey of Shinobicontrols. “Since its inception in 2011, shinobicontrols has been creating comprehensive, powerful and highly interactive User Interface (UI) controls for iOS and Android developers. The company’s first product, shinobicharts, was launched to market in 2012 and the business has since […]

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Heather Baker - TopLine Comms

My Top 7 apps: Heather Baker of TopLine Comms

I’m back with another Top 7 apps post and this week we have CEO of TopLine Comms, Heather Baker. TopLine Commsis a London-based integrated comms agency that helps businesses grow. In a not so small nutshell they’re a B2B PR agency, a specialist technology PR agency, a B2B content marketing agency, and a video company […]

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My Top 7 Apps: Draven McConville of Klipboard

It’s time for another Top 7 apps post and this week we have Draven McConville of Klipboard. Klipboard is a mobile app and web dashboard, enabling businesses to become completely paper-free. Designed for companies with employees who work outside the office, Klipboard allows staff to complete & manage forms, reports & tasks via a tablet, […]

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Mobile Education Featured Pic

Education Goes High-Tech

Anyone over 40 years old probably remembers a time when the most hi-tech devices at school were the scientific calculators used in mathematics class, or perhaps one of the early PCs used by the computer or IT faculty (if your school even had one). Even at university back in my day (early 1990’s), very few people owned a mobile phone and […]

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Chris Michael Photo

My Top 7 Apps: Chris Michael from Swytch

For this week’s Top 7 apps post we have Chris Michael, CEO and co-founder of Swytch. Launched in October 2015, Swytch is a cloud-based mobile network that is giving users more power and control over their communications. Swytch gives users additional mobile numbers on their existing iOS or Android phone, each of which can be […]

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