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Almost every team member has at least 3 primary mobile handsets! In this category, we profile devices and related wireless infrastructure.

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Keep an eye on Wileyfox launching today

The time is right for Wileyfox. Wileyfox is a super-stealth mobile handset startup focusing on Europe and North America. They’re backed by Venture Spring. They’ll sell online only and they’ll (probably?) only focus on Android devices. And that’s it. That’s your lot. That’s all we know, so far. All will be revealed in just under […]

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Nest Cam Front Back Side

Critical Kit: the Nest Cam

With Internet connectivity available just about everywhere, more and more people are buying connected home solutions for everything from monitoring their electricity usage to web-connected security systems that can be accessed when away from home. That’s exactly what the new Nest Cam is – a tiny, connected camera that uploads video to a cloud-based server for viewing […]

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Video Connectors and Standards

News: Lattice releases the world’s first superMHL solution for USB Type-C

Consumers today tend to connect their mobile devices, tablets, media players and all manner of portable electronics to their HD televisions and other video or audio sources. Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is one of the de facto standards, and it’s available in more than 750 million devices. But in January at the Las Vegas CES show, the next generation called superMHL (yes, […]

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Smartphones - Cover Glass

Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches driving demand for cover glass

We don’t often cover such seemingly ordinary facets of smartphones and tablets as cover glass, but with increasing screen sizes, the proliferation of smartphones over the past few years had fed a huge demand for advanced glass technology. It has become a massive industry in itself with the likes of Gorilla Glass pushing the sector forward with ever stronger, tougher and […]

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Samsung Gear VR

Critical kit: Samsung Gear VR

The Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) device was one of the biggest success stories of Kickstarter in recent years. The Rift isn’t yet available for consumers of course, but other companies have entered the arena with a variety of hi-tech viewers, notably Samsung’s Gear VR which is the first consumer-ready VR product that you can actually buy today. For […]

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Blocks Modular Smartwatch

Would you buy a modular smartwatch?

We’ve talked recently about modular smartphones, in particular Project Ara – Google’s somewhat experimental phone that allows you to replace that parts that you need. For example, you can swap out the camera for a more advanced model or change the CPU module for a more powerful one. This invention, along with another project called Phonebloks, […]

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E-waste smartphones

What happens to all the toxic junk from our smartphones?

Just about everyone has a mobile phone, and hundreds of millions are manufactured and sold every year. Despite society as a whole becoming more aware of the issues of electronic waste, and other environmental concerns, that doesn’t stop the vast majority of the components used in our phones becoming landfill. what’s worse, lots of that e-waste is […]

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Siemens S10 1998

Classic Handsets: the Siemens S10 (the world’s first colour phone)

In today’s Classic Handset series article, we’re taking a short trip down memory lane to remember what is claimed to be the first mobile with a colour display: the Siemens S10. Back in the mid to late-90’s and well before the advent of smartphones, mobiles were basic devices with the ability to make calls, send messages and perhaps even a selection of rudimentary […]

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