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Often referred to as the ‘biggest brand on the planet’, SMS — or texting — is still the biggest success story in the industry. In this section we cover innovation, best practice and discussion around the next steps for the medium.

Does your child’s school do text alerts in emergencies?

I was reading through the Sky News updates about the horrific happenings at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut and saw that all parents apparently received text updates about the incident. This functionality has become more widespread in America especially as a result of the likes of the Virginia Tech shooting when thousands of students needed […]

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Who do you recommend for two-way SMS in Australia?

I was talking to a colleague about SMS text messaging capabilities the other day — and in particular, discussing the power and potential of a two-way text service. Even in today’s hyper-connected app world, there’s nothing more universal than a text message. The colleague is keen — but they’re based in Australia. Which is a […]

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