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DEMO Europe: 3plet wants to re-invent the music album as an app

3plet want to turn albums into apps. Their tool packages an artist’s music into full, interactive experiences that can be downloaded from popular app stores onto smartphones. Alongside the music, artists can add lyrics, videos, artwork and links to social / online presences.

DEMO Europe: Papirus.Net aims to replace email for team collaboration is a collaboration tool and mobile apps for teams that aims to move ‘high intensity’ communications, documents and approval workflow out of your email.

DEMO Europe: Wheely heads to London to challenge Hailo & Uber

Wheely is a mobile and web-based cab booking service. It currently operates in Moscow with a fleet of black Mercedes cars and - after a trial in London in 2012 - is due to re-launch there in mid-June, offering lower costs, hybrid cars and free 4G-powered WiFi.

DEMO Europe: SimplyCeph shows powerful medical iPad app

SimplyCeph is a mobile and web-based service to manage patient records and design orthodontic treatments using an iPad to manipulate 3D models of patients' mouths.

DEMO Europe: MD.Voice detects voice health problems

MD.Voice is a service for mobile devices that analyse the user's voice to detect health issues.

DEMO Europe: Photozeen teaches better mobile photography

Live coverage from DEMO Europe in Moscow: Photozeen wants to "improve your pictures before you take them" by training mobile photographers through professionally-developed 'quests'.

New tech puts LTE network optimisation into the base station (users already overloading 4G networks)

With the rise of 4G as LTE slowly rolls-out across the globe it's tempting to think that data optimisation technology will become redundant. No...

Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu Mobile experience: “5 years after the iPhone, we needed to raise the bar”

It's time now for the fifth episode of our exclusive video interview series with Ubuntu's founder, Mark Shuttleworth. Yesterday we heard from Mark regarding the...

Vodafone ‘Nearly New’ handsets now available online

Following some press fanfare, many keen Vodafone shoppers wanting to take advantage of the operator's new 'Nearly New' programme of 'officially refurbished' device were...

Exclusive: Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth on their mobile platform’s developer potential

Continuing our exclusive video interview series with Ubuntu's founder, Mark Shuttleworth, I quickly got on to the topic of the app economy and mobile...

Exclusive: Mark Shuttleworth on the market for Ubuntu Mobile

Continuing our exclusive video interview series featuring Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth, we delve a little deeper into the details surrounding the launch of Ubuntu...

Operator app stores hit the rocks: 3 close this month

Operator app stores had been trumpeted - by the operators at least - as a way for them to maintain a stake in the valuable business...

Exclusive: Mark Shuttleworth introduces Ubuntu Mobile

[youtube] In the second episode of our exclusive video interview series with Ubuntu's founder, Mark Shuttleworth, we focus on the launch of their dedicated...

Refurb smartphones to attract Vodafone pre-pay users?

Vodafone have announced they are to sell 'officially refurbished' smartphones. Available to all they come with a warrantee at a discounted price. Handset availability...

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