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Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu Mobile experience: “5 years after the iPhone, we needed to raise the bar”

It’s time now for the fifth episode of our exclusive video interview series with Ubuntu’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth. Yesterday we heard from Mark regarding the Ubuntu developer ecosystem and his intent to extend that to mobile. Today Mark talks briefly about the importance of user experience and how that’s factored into the design and production […]

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Vodafone ‘Nearly New’ handsets now available online

Following some press fanfare, many keen Vodafone shoppers wanting to take advantage of the operator’s new ‘Nearly New’ programme of ‘officially refurbished’ device were left wondering what all the fanfare had been about. However, Voda now has it’s house in order and deals are available through the online shop: Nearly New isn’t like buying a battered […]

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Operator app stores hit the rocks: 3 close this month

Operator app stores had been trumpeted – by the operators at least – as a way for them to maintain a stake in the valuable business of selling users ‘value add’ services. Petrified (or indignant, occasionally) at the predictions they were to become just ‘dumb pipes’ additional revenue streams were urgently sought. In 2012 several operators realised […]

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