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Thought for the day

I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard the following exchange: – Presenter: “I’ve got a futurologist with me tonight. So that means you’re an expert on the future.” – Futurologist: “Well, just technology in my case, not the whole future, that’d be rather a lot.” And it got me thinking. […]

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Company Profile – ScreenReach

I recently did a little teaser about ScreenReach, which generated a few comments. Well here’s a fuller profile following my conversation with Paul Rawlings, the CEO. The Company ScreenReach talks about itself as a ‘Screen 2.0’ company, which means that it offers an interactive display system that can deliver personalised content to screens – both […]

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Great experience with Vodafone

Here at SMS Text News towers we love the mobile phone industry – but we rightly criticise it when it doesn’t get things right. One of the areas that comes in for the most criticism is the general retail experience. Let’s be honest it can be pretty poor – handsets chained to the display, uninformed […]

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iPhone – it’s not all bad

But wait, what is this … a positive outcome from the iPhone 3G launch. It just goes to show that it’s not all bad – maybe it was Dan’s fault after all (only joking Dan ;-)) This time Lauren from Sonus PR – who’s promise of a new iPhone couriered to her didn’t materialise – […]

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More iPhone woe

After the awful experience of our intrepid reporter Dan, we have more reader woes to report. This is from Ben: – – – It was strangely reassuring to read someone else having a similar degree of pain! After O2’s site crashed and burned after 10 minutes of people trying to use it, I placed an […]

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Normob watch

Sat on the train down to London this morning I saw a great piece of normob behaviour. A little bit like Ewan’s recent ‘Does your phone do numbers?’ post, it made me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you. An older gentleman (possibly 65 ish) got an old Nokia out of his jacket […]

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Texting – most important handset feature

An interesting survey has just been published thanks to ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc. It found that 73% of US consumers buying a new handset said that text messaging was an important feature. The research was conducted by independent research firm Amplitude Research and other features that scored highly were having a camera (67%), having email […]

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Shaq rap as your ringtone

For a number of years now there has been a feud between two of the biggest basketball stars in the US – Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. It started when they played together at the LA Lakers and escalated when Kobe accused Shaq of ‘paying women for personal services’ … whatever that may mean. Shaq […]

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Unlimited Drinks Dublin: 10th July – Update

As you know SMS Text News is coming to Dublin … and we’re really looking forward to meeting Ireland’s mobile community. I have some more details about the evening, so here goes. Critical Info The date: July 10th (Thursday) The venue: Magic Glasses Bar, The O’Callaghan Stephen’s Green Hotel, Dublin (map) The time: 6pm onwards […]

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